A Fiver for A Farmer

Australia, we've got a problem!

Following record d​ry conditions, Farmers in rural Australia are in dire straights. As costs spiral and co​​nditions worsen, even putting food on the table is  becoming too hard for some families. 

Let's band to​​gether and show them we care because if we don't help them, who will? It's all of our future. 

How do you get involved?

Join the movement! On August 17, we are asking all CtK students to dress as Farmers, bring in five dollars or a gold coin to donate to drought relief and help change the future of Aussie Farmers. 

Where will our money go?

Rural Aid - A central point of focus to provide assistance and relief for Farmers in distress and poverty.

Drought Angels - A unique service offering drought relief through support for rural families in need. A small charity run by big hearts.​