Andrew Chin's Online Visit

Some of you may remember Andrew Chin visiting Christ the King a few years ago for a carols concert. Andrew is the very talented man that wrote the ‘Rainbow’ song for our school a very long time ago. We are still to this day very proud of this song and so too is Andrew. He told us yesterday that our school was the first school that he arrived at to see his name on the notice board out the front, he was very chuffed by that all those years ago.

We invited Andrew back to join our community this year to help us write another song about our school and for all of us to sing with pride. Unfortunately, due to Covid, Andrew was unable to work with us in person, but with the wonders of modern technology Andrew has been able to collaborate with our staff and students to gain ideas to write this song. Yesterday some students from Year 4, 5 and 6 worked with Andrew, they were very excited and provided some great ideas and words for Andrew to use.

Andrew will now spend the next week or so producing the song. He intends to join us next year to launch the song with our community. We look forward to this.

Please see below the link to see Andrew singing our school song – the ‘Rainbow’ song, he gives our school a special ‘Hello’.

Andrew Chinn's Morning Prayer Episode 16: Rainbow - YouTube