Carpark Update

With the middle of the carpark now clear of staff cars, the drop off and pick up zone has less pressure and is moving nicely in the mornings and the afternoon.  Thanks as always for your patience and rolling with the changes.  

We will be sending home surname cards over the next week for car visors with students we know are picked up every day.  If you would like more than one, please email or phone the school office and we will organise to send one home.  

A map of the carpark flow will be sent home shortly 

Morning Drop Off Zone  
In the mornings, all cars that pull into the drop zone (inside the yellow line along the fence) can drop children and leave.  This means 5-6 cars can drop and go at the same time.  This is no longer a one car drop off point.  Please move down the line as far as you can to drop children off. Following these procedures ensures everyone gets through this area quickly in the mornings.  If you would like to stop and chat with your child or if your child is not ready to leave your vehicle, please park your car until everyone is ready.  

Afternoon Pick Up Zone 
You may notice we have stopped putting out hats in the afternoon.  Please remember the pickup area is a NO PARKING ZONE.  Therefore, please do not move into this zone until you are sure your child is in the area and ready to be picked up.  This must strictly be 2 minute zone.  If your child is not ready to be picked up within 2 minutes, you will need to move on and park or do a loop of the carpark.   Teachers are now walking their classes to the pickup area to ensure all students are where they need to be on time. Day 1, Tuesday saw a perfect flowing carpark with no hold ups and no chaos! 

While I love seeing parents connecting after school please keep your children in the same area that you are in so you can adequately supervise themIt is not safe for them to be running around the school, running along seats and playing on equipment.  Please keep them with youseated in the undercover area to ensure their safety at all times.