CtK Athletics Carnival

Classes will begin the day by going to class for roll and messages. At 8.45am all classes return to the undercover area for prayer and march past to the oval.

Students are to be dressed in full school sports uniform with school hat colour side out.

Appropriate footwear is to be worn. Students may wear coloured zinc if they wish.

There is to be no coloured hairspray in students’ hair.

Students are to have lunch from home, unless they have ordered Subway. Adults can also order Subway and order forms are available at the school office. All orders must be returned by Wednesday June 27. Students will not be able to leave the school throughout the day and will be required to return to their eating areas with their teachers for both 1st & 2nd eating breaks.

Students are to remain in their house tent when not competing in events.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to support their child throughout the day. 

All students are expected to participate in all field events to earn points for their house.

The CtK Athletics Carnival is about our school community coming together to have fun, try our best in all events, and represent their house with pride!

On the day, finals will take place for 10’s, 11’s & 12’s for 800m, 200m & 100m. All other events have been measured & timed during PE lessons. We will recognise place getters in different events to start the day to ensure the spirit of the whole day is about participation and enjoyment to finish the term.

Parents will be invited to join some events, including the Ball Games as well as the Parent v Student v Teacher Relay, but for the rest of the events,we ask that you give the students and staff space to compete in events as orderly and safely as possible.