​Congratulations to all of our Year 3 and Year 5 students for their hard work over the past few days with NAPLAN.  We have been very impressed with all the students’ attitudes, jumping in and giving it their best.  At Christ the King we see NAPLAN as a point in time test.  We know our students are all gifted in many different ways and we strive every day to help them express their way of learning in multiple ways. NAPLAN is one way some students can express that learning.  NAPLAN is a good opportunity for you to talk to your child about their mindset.  Encourage them to have a go, remind them the learning is hard work and that’s OK; trying, learning and giving it a go are the most important things. Thank you to our parents and families for assisting your student by letting them know NAPLAN is not a big deal, by ensuring they get a good nights sleep and have breakfast and the materials they need.

Next year in 2020 Christ the King will implement NAPLAN online for s​tudents in Year 3 and 5.  We look forward to this new challenge and the benefits it will bring our students.  More information on NAPLAN online will be shared with families next year.