Talking to Your Kids

​Those who read the newsletter know I am extremely passionate about making sure our kids don’t lose the art of conversation in our digital world. Having a good vocabulary and good oral language helps children understand their world. Some kids find the world very confusing (we see this often through their behaviour) and in most instances it is because they do not understand what is going on around them.

It is essential that at every opportunity you talk to your kids. Ask the right questions … instead of how your day was, ask them what they did in Maths, what they enjoyed most about their day, what book they borrowed from the library, what surprised them etc. Ask them lots of “I wonder questions eg. I wonder why there is so much traffic, I wonder how many people live in that house, I wonder what would happen if …..etc.

Do not be afraid to say ‘no’ to them either. Kids do not have the cognitive development to decide what is best for them, that is why they have parents and carers. Give your kids some jobs around the house and to save nagging, give them a choice, would you like to make your lunch for tomorrow or wash up? Would you like to feed the dog or put out the rubbish?

Talking to your kids is the greatest gift you can give them.