Webinar Wrap Up

I heard from a few parents who tuned in to the webinar last week presented by Andrew Muller on Building Mentally Healthy Kids. Andrew shared a great deal of information to help us understand how kids think and why they do and say the things they do.

These are the take homes I got from his webinar:

  • Our two main aims for our children are academic success and making young people ready for life.

  • One of the core building blocks in making children ready for life is love and security. Children need secure attachments, feel a sense of being loved, know their feelings and be able to calm themselves down.

  • If children don’t feel secure, their response is often to anxious or to avoid.

  • We have 3 main clocks – nutrition, activity, and sleep. It is important that children have food that is deeply coloured eg. berries, watermelon, bananas as it increases nitric oxide which refuels our battery as it's stored as energy in the cells in our body. Wahl Nutrition has a YouTube clip on this.

  • Time on devices should cease long before bedtime to ensure students are getting adequate sleep.

  • When children are being oppositional, don’t get sucked into an argument as children will get stuck. Speak in a monotone voice and move around the house eg. keep talking but move to the kitchen.

  • Andrew’s phrase was ‘don’t show up to every argument you are invited to.

  • Tricky children will ask for something 9 times before they give up.

  • Make misbehaviour abnormal, not normal.

  • Kids need more repetitive movements and less screens to increase their dopamine levels. Dopamine provides motivation and helps children change their emotional state. Things they can do are puzzles, hitting a ball against a wall, tapping fingers together, handball, basketball, totem tennis etc

  • Envy is a waste of time and traps children. Happy children freely follow their own passions and give up envy.

  • Children are happiest when they feel they make a meaningful contribution. They are family members and need an opportunity to contribute to the family and community if possible.

I will forward an email to all parents that Andrew sent following the webinar on ‘How to wean your teen from the screen? Many children here have device addictions. We see it in their behaviour, their inattentiveness, and their inability to concentrate. If you don’t know what to do, this will help.

Andrew’s next webinar:




Webinar 2: Identifying & Building Your Child's Learning Strengths

Tuesday 19 October 7-8pm on Zoom

Please note this webinar will be live and not able to be recorded.

Andrew is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, Author, Speaker and Creator of 'Learning Strengths'.  This second webinar is to support our children's learning and wellbeing.  Topics suitable for all ages Prep to Yr 12.

This session is applicable to every family and empowers parents to guide their children (and themselves) towards success.  This approach takes the latest research from brain science, positive education and resilience to create strength based education.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Increasing engagement & motivation
  • Learning strengths
  • Neuroscience of young adult's learning

Please click on the link in our latest newsletter to view our event website and register.

A zoom link for the webinar will then be sent directly to your registered email.

Limited registrations.

In consideration, please only register if you intend to join the webinar.