Welcome back to all

It was with great enthusiasm, anticipation, and delight that we welcomed all our students back to school Monday.  While we are back to learning in classrooms, it is definitely not business as usual.  The email sent to all families on Sunday 24th May explains the procedures and regulations schools are required to follow.  

The main one for parents is to please ensure you adhere to social distancing requirements if you wait for children in the designated area and it is critical sick children cannot attend school.  As we hit the cold and flu season and the recent dramatic change in weather, cold like symptoms are upon us.   Normally, children can muster through school but during the current climate, under no circumstances should children be at school.  


On behalf of the entire staff I would like to sincerely thank all the parents who supported children at home during Alternative Learning Provisions.  Many of you struggled with the technology and the learning but soldiered on regardless.  I commend all of you on your persistence and the genuine interest you took in your child’s learning and the assistance you provided them.  

We must also acknowledge the students.  Many students did not miss one day of online learning. Each morning they were up and waiting for their class Teams morning meeting.  It was so nice to see their bright, eager, and happy faces each day.  The way the students engaged in class and group meetings, embraced the challenges and the diligence and commitment they demonstrated towards their learning was outstanding.  

The learning opportunities teachers provided to students online and the timeframe in which they put it together, was nothing less than exceptional. Without complaint and with great enthusiasm, they reworked their curriculum plans so they could be delivered through an online platform.  While this platform is no longer required in its entire format, we have certainly all learnt a great deal through this process, and we will certainly take the learning forward.   

We will let you know of any updates around COVID as soon as we get them.  

Thank you all again for your patience and support. ​