A huge welcome to all the new families to the Christ the King Community.  The first day of the school year is my favourite day of the year, with the last day being a close second! Starting a new school year brings so many emotions in parents and children. Excitement, anticipation and sometimes anxiety. As parents and students lay awake before school begins wondering, so do teachers.  They spend many sleepless nights thinking about their new class, many hours are spent planning, preparing rooms, creating resources and doing all sorts of things to ensure the classroom is ready to meet our learners.    

I have been SUPER impressed with the students.  The way they have presented themselves, their beautiful manners and their no fuss approach to school life is a joy to witness.   

School Mass 
On Wednesday we celebrated Mass as a community and Commissioned our School Leaders for 2020.  When I addressed the leaders on Wednesday, I shared this quote…. 

Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders.  They set out to make a difference.  It’s not about the role, it’s about the goal. (Author Unknown) 

Their goal this year is to grow themselves and become better versions of themselves.  As they do this, they will grow others.  Their words and actions will inspire others to learn more, do more and become more.  Being a leader is also about shining in your own way, stepping up and being courageous. Taking responsibility and walking alongside all the children in our community.  Each time I have visited their classroom or chatted to the Year 6 students in the playground, it has been a pleasure engaging in conversation with them.  They have shown maturity, thoughtfulness and persistence when sharing their learning with me.   

I was again impressed with all ou​r students who participated in our Eucharistic Celebration respectfully.  Sitting still is not always easy, especially for our littlest people, but they did a splendid job. A huge thank you to Mrs Sarah McDonald, our dedicated APRE for preparing such a lovely celebration.   

Congratulations to our community elected Captains, Vice Captains, Sports Captains, Leaders and Council reps.