Christmas Hamper Appeal

Ev​ery year St Vincent de Paul hold a Christmas hamper appeal, where they collect food items and presents to assembly hampers to give to families who are unable to afford these items at Christmas time. Christ the King families have shown a continued commitment to helping this cause for many years.

Each class has been assigned specific items that they can donate towards the hampers, tubs will be in each classroom, so the children can bring in their donations.

Please see below the items for each class.

  • Prep – Custard (UHT/Long life only) or Christmas puddings
  • Year 1 – cereals or milk (UHT/Long life only)
  • Year 2 – Poppers, juice, cordial, soft drink
  • Year 3 – Spreads (Vegemite, peanut butter, jam) tea, coffee, Milo
  • Year 4 – Christmas lollies, Mince pies, Christmas biscuits, Christmas cake
  • Year 5 – Biscuits (Tim Tams, Shapes, Rice crackers) or Snack bars (Muesli bars, Nutri-grain bars, fruit sticks), Zooper Doopers, chips,
  • ​Year 6 – Tinned fruit or condiments (pickles, BBQ sauce, Tomato sauce, apple sauce)

Thank you in advance for supporting this cause. For most people Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, we can spread this joy and happiness by giving to help others in need.