End of Year Wrap Up

​It is quite incredible to look back over the year on our achievements and works. This includes: 

  • Walkways were completed.

  • New carpark.

  • Sandstone seating on the oval.

  • Yarning Circle painted.

  • Sound system in the hall.

  • New compactus storage system in the library.

  • The refurbishment of the student toilets will commence at the start of the holiday period.

  • Our WHS Team of Mrs. Breakspear and Mr. Capewell received the BCE Excellence Award for Safety and Wellbeing.

  • Our school NAPLAN results showed continued growth and improvement.

  • A new automatic gate will be installed over the break.

  • The cover over the drop and go will be completed in 2024.

  • Shade over the oval sandstone block seating will be completed in 2024.

​I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful groundsman Mr. Craig Capewell who does an amazing job at maintaining our grounds and coordinating all the works that have gone on around the school. We are blessed to have such a green school with plenty of grass, trees, and gardens. It is no easy task to keep it maintained and looking as great as it does all the time.​