Explicit Improvement Agenda

We have hit the ground running on with our Explicit Improvement Agenda for 2023! Our 2022 goal was to develop student writing competency. To extend on this goal in 2023, we are implementing a whole school approach to teaching vocabulary. With the assistance of Jo-Anne Harder, our School Based Speech Pathologist, we have consistent strategies across the school to teach Star Topic and Star Literacy Words to develop our students understanding of the words they read in texts and improve their writing by using more sophisticated vocabulary. One of the Learning Awards from each class is focused on this school goal. We have a whole school ‘Word of the Week’. Our hope is that families discuss this word at home, so students use the word in multiple settings. You will read about our first Word of the Week below in the newsletter.

The why, what and how of our EIA is explained below.


Word Fact:  As adults, we need to know at least 30,000 words. Most of these words are learnt in childhood. This means children need to learn seven new words every day.

Word Tip:  Reading to your child is one way to expose your child to more words. If you come across an interesting word in a book, try to use it again in a conversation with your child.

Word of the Week!
To get children excited about words, the whole school is starting ‘Word of the Week.’ Each week we will be displaying an interesting word and setting a small word challenge for you and your child. The challenges are small spoken tasks that do not require pen or paper. They just need you and some talk time, so they are easy to do on the way home or before bedtime. Get involved, have fun, and your child’s vocabulary will grow!

This week’s word:      yarning