Kindness Week

​During the term we celebrated ‘Kindness Week – being a good friend’.

Some of our year 5 and 6 students have put together some activities to help the CtK family focus on being a good friend. This includes a video, poster competition and modelling good problem solving for friendship problems.

Sometimes students make friendship mistakes without realising. Sometimes students are ‘mean on purpose’. It is important we teach our students how to problem solve these situations and how to stand up to the mean on purpose behaviours. When we do this the school becomes a place of harmony, kindness, and respect.

We will look closer at the different types of friendships and interactions. Here are 4 friendship facts:

  1. No friendship or relationship is perfect
  2. Every friendship is different
  3. Trust and respect are the 2 most important qualities of a friend
  4. Friendships change and that’s okay.

When children have positive relationships, it leads to children feeling:

  • Happier
  • Happier about themselves
  • More in control and empowered to solve their problems
  • More comfortable to talk to adults about situations
  • More focussed and have improved academic learning
  • They can make positive decisions independently