Lunch Time Clubs

Lunch time clubs continue to be a big hit in 2023.​

We are lucky again this year to have the Team from Chessmates join our little people on a Thursday at first break to learn and play chess. We had so many people interested in chess this year we have decided to have students from Year 3 – 6 sign up and committ to attending their lessons for Term 1. Next term we will change and allow the students from Prep – Year 2 have a chance to learn about chess.

It is wonderful to see the progress the students have made over the last 6 months, they know how to set up the board, they know all the moves the pieces can make, and the strategic steps that can be taken to win the game.

Chessmates will continue for the year, so if your child has missed out this term and is interested they can always sign up later in the year.

"I made an Easter Egg pillow at Sewing Club. It has flowers on one side and the other side has cars. It is warm and soft on my head. The stuffing is making it more soft!! I can even sleep on it. I will sleep on this pillow everyday”.