STEAM at Christ the King

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and consists of hands-on lessons exploring robotics and coding, projects in sustainability, engineering challenges, and solutions to real world problems. Through the DESIGN PROCESS students are encouraged to: ASK questions, IMAGINE possible solutions, PLAN, CREATE, and IMPROVE on their design. All lessons involve collaboration with their peers to achieve the very best outcomes. I am already impressed with the kids’ enthusiasm, engagement, and level of discussion as they explore and discover new ideas.

This term has been mainly focussed on robotics with several design challenges to get us thinking.

  • Prep-Year 2: Exploring and programming BEEBOTS to make shapes, find items on maps and complete mazes.
  • Years 3-4: Controlling miniature robots called OZOBOTS with line directions and visual codes.
  • Years 5-6: Learning about careers in STEAM, completing engineering design challenges, and exploring 3D printing and software to make and print our own designs.

I’m looking forward to seeing the students’ curiosity and engagement with STEAM continue to grow.