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Current Tuckshop Menu

The tuckshop run by the P&F is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 1st break only.   While this is an important source of revenue, we keep prices to a minimum. This service can only be offered if you are prepared to work on a roster basis. It is run by volunteers and is an important part of the P&F Association of which ALL parents are members.

Children can place orders on tuckshop day by writing their name, class and order on a paper bag. Bags, including money, are placed in the classroom tuckshop box in the morning or can be taken directly to the tuckshop.  Our preferred method is online through:-  When ordering through flexischools orders must be in by 8am the morning of your order.


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As a child cannot function effectively on an inadequate diet, we also emphasise the need for correct nutrition to assist each child in attaining his/her potential. For this reason lollies and soft drinks are not permitted at school, unless provided by the school on “special days” e.g Sports Day. Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to drink during the day in class, or a cup to get water from the taps on verandahs. This is to allow children to quench their thirst in hot weather without constantly leaving the room.