​Uniform Shop is o​pen Thursdays from 8.15am to 9.30am.

Please note - our uniform shop is run by volunteers which we value greatly. Due to this the uniform shop may not be open at the above listed times at times. Please check the school app and Facebook pages for any updates to opening times.

Student's individuality is appreciated at Christ the King.  However, we do have a compulsory school uniform.  It is our expectation that all children leave home looking not only a credit to their families, but also to the school to which they belong.  Therefore the following responsibilities apply to parents and students;

  • The children are to wear the school uniform travelling to and from school, as well as during school hours.  This includes the school hat.
  • By way of courtesy, parents are asked to write a letter to the classroom teacher if their child is 'out of uniform, e.g. wearing incorrect shoes.'
  • All items of clothing must be labelled clearly with the child's name.

  • Hair is to be kept clean, neat and tidy and out of the eyes. 
  • If longer than collar length, it should be tied back. 
  • Hair should be tied back with a dark navy blue, brown or black hair tie or simple hair accessories in school uniform colours

    Make up
  • No make-up or coloured lip gloss is permitted.  

  • Fingernails must be clean, well trimmed and unpolished.


    Wearing jewellery to school poses a health and safety risk, as such the range jewellery that children may choose to wear is limited to;
  • A single set of plain earrings (studs or sleepers)
  • A watch
  • A small, plain, religious, or cultural item or cross worn around the neck.

  • We request that children have sunscreen applied at home.  It can be reapplied during the day and is supplied in each classroom. 
  • As sun safety is of great concern, all children must have a school hat for outdoor activities, as well as travelling to and from school. 
  • The rule “No hat, No play" applies to all class activities and lunchtime play.
  • Only school hats are permitted.

  • Formal uniform:  Shoes must be plain black, leather or synthetic leather school shoes. 
  • Velcro strap shoes are permitted.
  • Sports uniform:  Sport shoes appropriate for playing sport.

  • Socks are to be plain white socks with CTK lettering which completely cover the ankle bone.

    School bag
  • Official CTK school bag​


Please note: The school may slightly alter or delete items from the uniform at anytime, however an appropriate amount of time will be given, to allow for an adjustment period.  If you are unsure about an item of clothing please check wit​​h the school. ​

Guiding procedures 

A standard​ letter is used to inform parents of any concerns regarding their child’s school uniform. 

Parents are then given a ​​period of time to act on the letter.

​​​Students who continue to attend school with the incorrect uniform, without a note from their parents may be excluded from going on excursions and representing the school at sport or the arts. 

Any ongoing ​problems are to be referred to the principal, who in turn will discuss concerns with parents. 

​Parents have the responsibility for overseeing the wearing of correct school uniform. 

Dress Code for Uni​form Free Day - "Free Dress" Days

When uniform free days operate children are to wear clothing which complies with ALL of the following:

  • Closed in shoes, which are suitable for running
  • Clothing which covers the full torso
  • Dresses/shorts to be to at least mid-thigh length
  • School hats are to be worn (wide brimmed hat not caps)

Children not complying may be asked to:

  • Return home and change clothing to suit the policy or
  • Wear clothing provided at the school which does comply or
  • Be refused the privilege in future