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 School Counsellor

The Role of the School Counsellor is a significant one within Catholic Education and one that is highly valued at Christ the King school. Counselling is available for students, parents, guardians and school staff.

Counselling can be on an individual basis or with a group.

At times of conflict, peer meditation may be sought.

Individual and group programmes around such issues as self-esteem, friendship, anxiety, and anger management can be accessed.

Counselling provides a ‘safe space’ where issues of concern can be discussed. The sessions are conducted in privacy and the discussion is confidential.

How is counselling accessed

  • Students can make an appointment through seeing the counsellor or by notifying their class teacher
  • Parents can make an appointment by contacting the school office or by seeing or ringing the counsellor personally when she is present.

Please be aware that our counsellor is available only one day a week
so there may be a waiting period.