Approach to Pedagogy

​How we teach at CtK

Christ the King uses the BCE Model of Pedagogy to provide evidence-based, precision and responsive teaching that results in learning progress and achievement for each student. The mode​​l of pedagogy is used by teachers to guide planning, teaching and assessing, by:
  • Focusing on student progress and plan to accelerate this
  • Establishing clear learning intentions and success criteria from the Australian Curriculum
  • Activating learning and multiple ways of knowing and doing
  • Responding with feedback to support the student in their next steps to achieve the success criteria
  • Evaluating the impact of teaching on each student’s learning progress and achievement.​


At Christ the King, we effectively apply the practices and processes of the Model of Pedagogy through the effective and expected practices for the teaching of literacy. These identify and clarify how teachers can intentionally and explicitly teach literacy within learning areas to move each student forward in their learning.


The Context-Text Model of Language

The context-text model is the model of language underpinning the Australian Curriculum: English and the General capability: Literacy.​


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