​Whole School Processes for planning

​At Christ the King, class teachers plan with the PLL and STIE on a regular basis to ensure 3 times per term. During these planning times, teachers also use this time to consult the data with the PLL to inform their future cycles. Planning is then uploaded to the school portal as soon as possible.

Year/band level planning

Planning across years and bands can be provided in the following ways:

  • Responsive cycles with achievement standards and content recorded cumulatively across the year, and/or
  • Planned units across the year outlining content focus and assessment to be provided in each, and/or
  • Connected and integrated planning where content and achievement standards and assessment for more than one curriculum area is provided.

Sophie Morris (PLL) is monitoring the implementation of the planned curriculum to ensuring our students access to and demonstration of the knowledge, understanding and skills of the curriculum areas.

All curriculum area plans are cumulatively recorded and updated across each 3-4 week cycle. Assessment is outlined in the each short cycle plan.

All curriculum areas are planned across the year (see Table above – school curriculum overview) however some year levels are planned for in connected/integrated learning contexts.​​

Class/unit planning

Planning for learning and teaching at Christ the King is a collaborative process involving Class Teachers, PLL, STIE and APRE (where necessary). All unit and cycle plans use Christ the King planning templates and are stored in the school’s portal, they follow BCE’s Model of Pedagogy and incorporate The Effective and Expected practices.

Essential elements of unit/cycle planning include:

  • Duration of the unit/cycle
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills from the Achievement standard in the Australian curriculum (highlighted or inserted)
  • Content descriptions from the Australian curriculum (highlighted or inserted)
  • General Capabilities and/or Cross Curriculum Priorities from the Australian Curriculum as relevant to the unit focus and as per school approach
  • Assessment opportunities – what evidence will be collected and assessed against the identified knowledge, understanding and skills from the achievement standard
  • Teaching and learning sequence
  • Adjustments made to respond to student needs.