Vision For Religious Education at CTK

The Vision for Religious Education at Christ the King, Deception Bay has been collaboratively constructed with staff, parents and students.

Our vision for Religious Education incorporates the two dimensions of Religious Education; learning about Religion and learning to be religious in a particular way, through our Learning Vision; Side ​by side we​​ are brave, empowered and spirited learners and focus words - Learning, Teaching, Being.

Side by sid​​e

As we travel the path of faith, we never walk alone.  Wherever people join us on this journe​​y we will take up the walk with them.  Whether a person arrives with little to no knowledge of Jesus or God, or if they join us with a deep and active faith, we are ready to walk with them and share in the journey and the celebration.  We also recognise that parents and care givers are the first and most important teachers of their children in faith, in learning and in life.  Therefore when a child and their family join our community we understand that it is not only the child that we walk with but the whole family.

We aspire to;

  • ​​Meet people where they are in terms of knowledge of religion and knowledge about how to be religious.
  • Ensure the learning of the Religious Education classroom and the Religious Life of the School are communicated and shared with parents.
  • Gift the members of our community with true presence.


Our charism ​​of St Eugene De Mazanod inspires us to leave nothing un-dared for God.  

Our stud​ents are brave in the way they approach their learning with a growth mindset and an understanding that learning in all areas is hard work.  Religious Education is an academically rigorous subject and as such our teachers and students apply the same high quality pedagogical theories and strategies as in other areas of the curriculum to develop the religious literacy of our students and community.

Our students are brave in the way they live out Gospel values. ​​They bravely go out into the world to be the body and voice of Christ in the world.  Students are encouraged to be “active constructors of culture rather than passive consumers. In this way, students are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.” (Brisbane Catholic Education, 2012) 

Our students and teacher​s are aware of their responsibility for the stewardship of the earth and the cross curricular priority of Sustainability and Ecological Stewardship is evident in both classroom Religious Education and the life of the school.

We aspire to:
  • Be brave in our learning even when it is difficult.
  • Encourage our community to rise to the challenge to live out the gospel in their thoughts, actions and words
  • To act as the stewards of God’s creation and make strong choices about how we live in the world.


​​​Our students will be imbued with knowledge about the Catholic faith and the relationship with other faith traditions.  They will become religiously literate and be empowered to speak about their understandings of the Catholic faith traditions in a multi-faith context in a respectful and tolerant way.

Our students will unde​​rstand the importance of prayer, stillness and meditation in their daily lives and have the skills to undertake these practices at times in their lives when they are most in need.

Our students wil​l have a solid understanding of Catholic social teaching and will be empowered to go out into the world and be a moral voice in the area of social justice and action.

We aspir​e to:

  • ​Empower our students and community with knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Christian faith and it’s traditions and practices so they can access this knowledge and understanding both now and in the future.
  • Ensure our students have a thorough understanding of others cultures and demonstrate tolerance and understanding in a multi-faith context
  • Infuse our community, through knowledge and action, with an understanding of Catholic social teaching and the drive to bring a moral voice to social justice issues in the community.


O​​​ur students will know the Spirit of God.  Intellectually, though the study of the Catholic Christian tradition and as witness; they will experience an environment where teachers strive to ‘Make Jesus Real’ in the community. An environment where each student is guided to find Jesus at the centre of what we say and more importantly what we do.  They will also be guided to learn about indigenous cultures, spiritualties and sense of the sacred.

We aspire to
  • Offer multiple opportunities for our students and community to learn about and come to know the Spirit of God 
  • Make the Spirit of God a tangible presence in our community so it can be witnessed by all.
  • Make the Catholic faith accessible to all, to welcome all to join us in our faith traditions and offer the pathway to the Sacraments to those who demonstrate a desire to know more.​