​This policy is designed to outline the purposes and practices of Home Work activities at Christ The King School. It will offer teachers and parents a flexible guideline to adapt home activities to the needs of the individual ch​ild. The school hopes to reinforce that home activities can be a variety of experiences designed to develop communication between home and school, develop resilience and time management skills as well as reinforcing prior learning and extending students when possible.

The Purpose of Home Activities

​The Staff of Christ the King School are committed​ to the concepts of regular homework as a means of: ​

  • Establish for students, worthwhile numeracy and literacy study habits.
  • Ensuring academic transitioning processes are the best they can be from one year level to the next.
  • Develop independent learning skills;
  • Encourage an enjoyment of learning in a different setting;
  • Offer an opportunity for children to demonstrate their learning to parents;
  • Be a vehicle for communication between parent & child about the school day in general;
  • Act as part of the communication process between home and school;
  • Encourage the development of study habits such as responsibility and time management;
  • Reinforce learning.

Home Activities will always be set with a defined purpose. They will be designed to suit the needs of the individual chi​​ld and family. Within these guidelines, the classroom teacher, in consultation with parents and students, will adapt these Home Activities to suit particular class activities and interests.