Our School

​Christ The King Primary School is a small Catholic School located only minutes away from the bay in Brisbane's Deception Bay area​​. The leafy green, bayside surrounds and gardens of the school are the perfect environment to support the students in learning about sustainability and stewardship for the Earth as well as provide fertile ground for academic and real world learning.

​As a small school with just over three hundred and twenty students, we are a vibrant community and pride ourselves on truly knowing our students and families. In 2019 our school consists of thirteen classes we look forward to continuing our building program to support our growing community.

​Our staff of dedicated teachers and school officers provide vigorous and engaging teaching and learning activities to ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their potential. Our teaching and learning vision, jointly constructed by staff and parents encompasses all this in the simple phrase, "Side by side we are brave, empowered and spirited learners."

​​​At Christ the King students are immersed in all the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum through a combination of explicit teaching and inquiry learning.  Students and teachers use co-constructed learning intentions, success criteria and collective data to drive student achievement of their identified learning goals.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning needs and supported in their learning journey in all areas with explicit instruction and active investigations. In addition to the regular curriculum offerings students have 1-hour specialist lessons in Physical Education and The Arts (Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Music, Media Arts).  

Students at Christ the King are invited to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities. These activities en​​compass many of the Australian Curriculums General Capabilities such as; personal and social learning, critical and creative thinking, intercultural and ethical understanding as well as sportsmanship, resilience, and independence.

  • Interschool sport (Year 5-7)
  • AFL Auskick program
  • Guitar & Drum lessons
  • ICAS
  • lunchtime clubs (Homework, learning, computer, dance, gardening, Construction, and design, craft)
  • Stephanie Alexander Gardening / cooking program 

Religious Education is also an important academic subject which students undertake using the same model of le​arning and teaching. Students learn about the Catholic faith and how Catholics live their faith through action in the life of the school and wider community.

​Students are supported in their learning by our support staff.  A guidance officer available 2 days per week and a school pastoral support person 2 days per week as well as a highly efficient and supportive team of school officers.

​​Students are provided with swimming lessons in term 4.​​