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Christ The King Primary School provides an exceptional Catholic education to students in Prep​ to Year 6.

As a small school with just over three hundred and fifty students, we are a vibrant community and pride ourselves on truly knowing our students and families. In 2021​​ our school consists of fourteen ​classes from Prep to Year Six. Our staff of dedicated teachers and school officers provide vigorous and engaging teaching and learning activities to ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their potential. Our teaching and learning vision, jointly constructed by staff and parents encompasses all this in the simple phrase;

"Side by side we are brave, empowered and spirited learners".​​








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 What's On At Christ The King



Term 4 Beginshttp://www.christthekingdbay.qld.edu.au/latest-news-events/Pages/Term-3-comes-to-a-close.aspxTerm 4 Begins<p>Term 4 has certainly started with a bang with Year 3's Science Incursion looking at heat energy and participated in experiments involving changing temperatures.<br><br>All of our students are loving STEAM lessons with Mrs Hosking. In the lower years, the students are becoming Junior Engineers designing their own kites using different materials. Year 2's designed Push & Pull Puppets to reinforce their learning about how different forces are used to make toys work.<br><br>With interschool sport back, our students kicked and served their way back into AFL & Tennis until the final Friday in week 6. We also kicked off the Well Being Program which was well received by all staff and students. One student told me afterwards she felt like she was "floating on a cloud". This program is run by our Dance Fever Coaches who are very experienced and also run our Gymnastics and Dance Programs throughout the year.<br><br>Surf Safety is so important as we head towards summer in QLD so our Prep to Year 4 students had a visit from Nick from Surf Life Saving QLD who taught them about the flags at the beach and also dangers to look out for. Our Year 5 & 6 students headed to Suttons Beach for the Beach Safety Practical Program where they also learnt about the flags, signs, signals & practiced the skills of rescue. This is great timing as they prepare for camps on our beautiful QLD coastline.<br><br>Socktober cultivates the passion of students to rise up, engage their local community and take action against poverty through the world game of soccer. It provides young people in Australia with the opportunity to lead in mission, encouraging them to think not only of what they will do to help, but why they will do it.<br><br>Mission week will be celebrated Ocotober 23-28<br><br></p><p> ​<br> <br></p>
Council's School Parking Patrol Programhttp://www.christthekingdbay.qld.edu.au/latest-news-events/Pages/Council's-School-Parking-Patrol-Program.aspxCouncil's School Parking Patrol Program<p>As a new school term commences, Council’s Local Laws unit undertakes a School Parking Patrol Program where officers undertake scheduled school parking patrols, both in the morning and afternoon, to ensure that vehicles are parked in a safe and lawful manner. The primary aim of the program is to ensure that students and family members/caregivers are able to safely move around the school area as part of dropping off or picking up students from the school. Your school forms part of this Parking Program where Local Laws officers may be scheduled to attend at some time throughout the school term.<br></p><p>​<img src="/latest-news-events/PublishingImages/MoretonBayCouncil.jfif" alt="MoretonBayCouncil.jfif" style="margin:5px;width:536px;" /><br></p>
STEAM at Christ the Kinghttp://www.christthekingdbay.qld.edu.au/latest-news-events/Pages/STEAM-at-Christ-the-King.aspxSTEAM at Christ the King<p></p><p>STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and consists of hands-on lessons exploring robotics and coding, projects in sustainability, engineering challenges, and solutions to real world problems. Through the DESIGN PROCESS students are encouraged to: ASK questions, IMAGINE possible solutions, PLAN, CREATE, and IMPROVE on their design. All lessons involve collaboration with their peers to achieve the very best outcomes. I am already impressed with the kids’ enthusiasm, engagement, and level of discussion as they explore and discover new ideas.<br><br>This term has been mainly focussed on robotics with several design challenges to get us thinking.<br></p><ul><li><strong>Prep-Year 2</strong>: Exploring and programming BEEBOTS to make shapes, find items on maps and complete mazes.<br></li><li><strong>Years 3-4</strong>: Controlling miniature robots called OZOBOTS with line directions and visual codes.<br></li><li><strong>Years 5-6</strong>: Learning about careers in STEAM, completing engineering design challenges, and exploring 3D printing and software to make and print our own designs.</li></ul><br>I’m looking forward to seeing the students’ curiosity and engagement with STEAM continue to grow.<br><br>​​<img src="/latest-news-events/PublishingImages/STEAM.jpg" alt="STEAM.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:536px;" /><br><br><p></p>

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