IT and Digital Learning

​​At Christ the King School we are educating students for a future where digital technologies will be at the forefront. Students need to be equipped with​​ many skills to help them prepare to be active, informed and aware consumers and creators of these technologies. To assist both our students and their families we address IT and Digital Technologies in many ways.

IT Processing and Skills

Students are taught a range of skills and processes in keeping with the ICT continuum to assist them in building a repertoire of programs and skills required such as typing, opening and saving in folders etc.

Digital Technologies Curriculum

Students at Christ the King School engage with the new Digital Technologies Curriculum as set forth by ACARA. Here they learn about software, hardware, programming simple robots, visual coding programs and about how different devices work. They are also encouraged to design with digital technologies in mind and engage with other cross-curriculum areas to find sustainable, digital design solutions to problems.

Digital Citizenship

Students learn about digital citizenship through a range of activities in class and through visiting incursions. Families are also encouraged to participate in digital citizenship conversations throughout the year. As part of this, students and parents must sign the Acceptable Use Policy.