Absentee Policy

Regular attendance is necessary if students are to gain the greatest possible benefit from school activities.

  • Whenever a child is away from school, his/her parents are required to contact the school via the Parent Portal, School App or telephone (before 9:00 a.m.) the school secretary to notify us of this absence. To ensure all children’s safety we will contact all families where children are absent and unaccounted for via SMS.
  • Every family fills in a record sheet on enrolment. If the address or telephone number for either residence, employment or emergency contact changes, please notify us via the Parent Portal, so that we can alter our records accordingly. We may need to contact you during the day.
  • Please make sure that the children have some idea of your whereabouts each day in case of an accident or sickness at school.
  • If a child has to leave for a dental or doctor’s appointment, a note must come from home with the child. The child should be picked up from the school office by the adult accompanying the child to the appointment. For security reasons children cannot be collected from the street kerb.
  • When a child has to leave the school during school hours for any reason they must be signed out via our ALLE computer in the office by the adult picking the child up.
  • When a child is absent the school must be notified.