Motto & Symbols

​Our Symbols​



Th​e cross is central and represents our Christian belief – our Faith.

Our school emblem the rainbow represents:

  • The seven gifts of the Spirit - Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage, Understanding, Reverence, Right Judgement, Awe
  • The sev​en Sacraments - Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick.
  • The sign of a new beginning - "where people are encouraged to learn from their mistakes." (taken from our Mission Statement)

The colours represent:-

  • Red the colour of love and strength. It is the colour that is powerful. This colour reminds us that God gives us the power to live a wonderful life.
  • Orange is made up of red and yellow. It is the colour of honesty. This colour reminds us to always be truthful.
  • Yellow the colour of the sun. The colour of faithfulness. This colour reminds us to always hope in God.
  • Green is the colour of trees, leaves, nature and of growing. The colour of life itself. It reminds us of the wonder of God in our environment.
  • Blue, the colour of water and the sky. This colour reminds us that God made the water and sky for us.
  • Indigo is a mixture of blue and green. It is a colour that is cool and calm. This colour reminds us that God always seeks for peace and happiness throughout the world.
  • Violet or P​urple, the colour of forgiveness, reminds us that God always forgives and wants us to forgive.

Our Motto - Side by Side We Gr​ow

This represents: Our Community, Togetherness, Partnership in Education

Our commitment to each other ​and to growth