Our History

​​firstmass.jpgChrist The King School was opened in May, 1979 with Fr. Des McQuaid (parish priest), Althea Mitchell (Principal), Carol Zemek (teacher) and twenty-three children. Yrs 1&2 students read all t​​he mass readings and later joined with the community in a parish bar-b-cue.

On opening day​​​, only the Library block, the present Multi-purpose block and the toilets were built. No playground had been cleared and open trenches caused problems in the grounds. This was certainly a time of bonding as the children spent all day in the classroom with the teachers. 

sportsday.jpgIn 1980, our first sacramental class was prepared for First Eucharist and once again presented to the parish community. With no playing fields, the major sports activity was a weekly judo lesson. Gradually, some land was cleared and our first sports day was held. As the oval was developed, the school was able to begin sporting competitions with the other Bay schools.

​​construction.jpgBy 1982, classrooms were completed. Shortly after, a commonwealth grant enabled the landscaping of an area near the old undercover area and, with enthusiastic parent support, the school frequently won the Tidy Schools Competition.

When the Francisca​​n Missionaries of Mary moved out of the parish in 1987, their house was converted into the Parish Centre/Administration Block which became the School Administration Area until 2010 and is now shared facilities for St Vincent de Paul and the Learning Support Unit. 

In 1987, the Oblate priests took over in the parish from Fr. Ponting. During their stay, Fr. John, Fr. Ned, Fr. Jim, Fr. Aldo, Fr. Harr​y, Fr. Lewy, Fr. Tony and Fr. Paul have all taken an active part in the spiritual growth of the children.  In 2014 Fr David was appointed Parish Priest and he serves the community with Fr Brian.as associate pastor.

In 1990, Mr. Bob Joyce was appointed Principal. In 1996, extensive refurbishment of the school c​​ommenced. This involved the construction of a new library, toilet block and undercover area, along with a total refurbishment of all existing classrooms. This was completed in 1997 with the redesigning of the Administration area and the addition of a Preschool.

In January 2000, after a year’s planning, our revolutionary multi-age 5/6/7 upper school began. In keeping with our modern approach to education, we have embraced the importance of technology as a tool for learning, along with an approach to education that encourages stud​ents to become lifelong learners and take responsibility for their own learning. In November 2000, we celebrated our 21st birthday as a school—a “coming of age” that is evident both physically and as an educational community.

In 2002, Miss Vera Zappala was appointed principal and Fr Lewy joined St Eugene Parish. In November 2004 we celebrated our 25th birthday as a school. After a special mass, we launc​​hed the new school song “The Rainbow Song” which was written for the school by Andrew Chinn.

In 2005 ​our first preschool group of 1997 graduated from primary school. This was an important milestone for the school. During these years we received grants for a Multi-purpose court and two playgrounds.

In 2006, Mr Miro Martin was appointed Principal. In 2007, Christ the King received a building g​​rant to rebuild the whole school. This was completed and officially opened in 2010 along with our new school hall.  Other grants have made it possible to refurbish all classrooms and library and also upgrade our Information Communication Technology resources.

In 2011, Mr David Stewart was appointed acting Principal until 2012 when Nick Hurley took up the position to g​uide the community into the future.

Mr Nick Hurley, in collaboration with the school leadership team, staff, students and sch​​ool community, a 'Whole School Learning Vision and Behaviour Management Plan' was introduced. This Learning Vision was officially launched midway through 2013, utilising the 'Tree' symbol and the focus words; 'Learning, Teaching, Being', together with the motto - "Side by side, we are brave empowered and spirited learners". This launch was accompanied by the creation of a school book entitled, 'The Rainbow Tree', written by our STIE, Mrs Tracey Parkinson.  The Learning Vision incorporated visible learning strategies beginning in 2014, with 2015 moving forward with these strategies to focus on literacy through the Brisbane Catholic Education Office initiative; Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching or DELT. The school continues to strive to provide excellence in pedagogical techniques to ensure every student receives the very best education.

Christ the King principals PRINCIPALS - PA​ST & PRESENT: From left: Miro Martin (2006 -2010), Althea Mitchel (1979-1990), Vera Zappala (2002- 2005) and Nick Hurley (2012) ABSENT: Bob Joyce (1990-2001) and David Stewart (2011). This photo was taken at the Silver Jubilee of St Eugene Parish March 2012.