​Communicatio​n between the school and parents is vital. We encourage you to contact us with the slightest concern or suggestion.

Some "Golden Rules" are as follows:

  • Contact us early rather than let the problem grow out of proportion;
  • DON'T put off dealing with what you might consider are small issues because they can quickly grow into large ones!
  • Go directly to the person concerned (usually the classroom teacher);

Our teachers are very busy during school time, from 8:30am-3pm.  Because of this, we ask par​ents not to ​approach teachers during class time. If for some reason you urgently need to see or speak to a teacher during the school day you must first report to the office and sign in, we will then contact the teacher.

When meeting with teachers;

  • Ring to make an appointment where possible (we realise sometimes it isn't possible to do this in urgent cases);
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, see the Principal;
  • Please come with an open mind to get all the facts - by listening to each other, most problems can be solved.

We give you an undertaking that, if we have any concerns about your child, we will contact you at the earliest possible time.

School New​​sletter

The newsletter is issued fortnightly. All details of school activities will be included in this bulletin so please look out for it. ​The newsletter is emailed directly to all families.​

There are opportunities ​to advertise in our newsletter. Please publicise this to any business connections you have, as this is a valuable source of funds.