School Counsellor

​​​The Role of the School Counsellor is a significant one within Catholic Education and one that is highly valued at Christ the King school. Counselling is available for students, parents, guardians and school staff.​​

Counselling can be on an individual ba​​sis or with a group.

At times of co​​nflict, peer meditation may be sought.

Individual and group programmes around such issues as self-esteem, friendship, anxiety, and anger management ​​can be accessed.

Counselling provides a 'safe space' where issues of concern can be discussed. The sessions are conducted in privacy and the discussion is confidential.

How is counselling accessed​:

  • Students can make an appointment through seeing the counsellor or by notifying their class teacher
  • Parents can make an appointment by contacting the school office and completing a referral form or by seeing or ringing the counsellor personally when she is present.

Please be aware that ​our counsellor is available only two days a week ​so there may be a waiting period.​