Student Health

​Accidents / Sick​​ness at School

At school, mi​​nor cuts, bruises, abrasions are treated. In the case of a more serious accident;

  • First aid is rendered
  • Parents are contacted and medical aid is arranged
  • In some serious cases an​ ambulance is called immediately and parents are notified
  • A detailed accident register is kept for all first aid treatments.

We have no facility to care for sick children. If your child becomes sick at school, he/she will need ​​to be sent home. It is therefore essential that parents list two emergency contact people who would be available to care for the children if the need arises.

Head L​​ice

Head Lice is a common occurrence in childhood and head lice can infect clean hair, dirty hair, long or s​​hort. We encourage all parents and care-givers to regularly check their child's head and hair for lice and to treat accordingly. Your pharmacist can offer advice as to the best way to treat head lice however simple home remedies such as combing with a fine tooth head Lice comb and conditioner can be very effective at removing adults and eggs.

Please ens​ure all family members are treated, all bedding and linen, hats and headwear are washed and recheck every few days until no more lic​e are detected.

It is also preferable that you contact your child's teacher if you find head lice so that the entire class  can check an​d treat as well.

Infectious Dis​eases

Infections with or without illness, are common in children. When children attend school they are exposed to a large number of children, increasing the opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases. It is not​​ possible to prevent the spread of all infections and illnesses within schools, however a lot of illnesses from infectious disease can be prevented.  We encourage all parents and care-givers to keep children at home when unwell.  This helps protect all students and staff and keep our whole community healthy.

Please refer t​o the Recommended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions produced by Queensland Health.

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