The Resilience Project

This week’s Resilience Project presentation is all about Empathy and Kindness.

Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others to feel and see what they do. We practice this through being kind and compassionate towards other people.

When we sh​ow empathy, or we do something kind for someone else our brain releases oxytocin. This leads to increasing our self-esteem/confidence, energy levels, positivity, and overall happiness.

Brain imaging data shows that being kind to others registers in the brain as more like eating chocolate than like fulfilling an obligation to do what’s right e.g. eating brussel sprouts.

Research shows that practicing empathy, such as performing acts of kindness, taps into our brain’s ‘mirror neurons’, builds compassion and our behaviour becomes more social and community-based.

There is a family activity on the Empathy tile for you to engage in this fortnight.

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