Frequently Asked Questions


Whole school Assemblies are held every second Wednesday at 2.20pm in the School Hall. It is a time for classes to share their work, for students to pray as a community and for weekly awards to be given.​ All parents / caregivers are welcome to attend assemblies and join us in celebrating our work.​

​​​Lost / "Borrowed" Property

Lost / "borrowed" property is a concern at every school. Your role in this area is to:

  • Name all clothes / books / equipment clearly, making sure it is permanent.
  • Supply all the things your child needs promptly so that borrowing is not required.

Lost property is kept in the Office.  

Confisc​ated items - If during the day it is necessary to remove certain items from the students they will be handed to the Principal and will be returned to the child at an appropriate time. 

Updating ​​of Student Records

It is imp​erative that our records are kept up-to-date. Please update your records online through the Parent Portal.  ​​​​​ 

  • Home address or phone number
  • Workplace or phone number or hours of employment (during school hours)
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Doctor or doctor's phone number.
  • Emergency contacts or people authorised to collect your child/ren.
  • Legal custody / access arrangements